Welcome to the blog of John Gregson.

I’ve started The Cavalcade of Whimsy to answer comments from a number of readers of my old blog, that I was too wantonly mixing commentary on science & religion with music. Some found this confusing, others found my writing on the former an unwanted challenge.

I’ve also decided that I don’t want to complicate any future or current professional engagements in the music sphere with any, er, extra-curricular viewpoints.

– It’d be best to treat The Cavalvade of Whimsy as an extension of talking to me. This is equivalent to those long rambling discussions in the pub just before closing time. We might touch upon some tricky issues, depending on the audience, but they certainly wouldn’t form the basis of my professional & social life. While I hold these views, they don’t form the totality of me as a person.

– I treat The Cavalcade as wholly separate, philosophically, from my music blog & website.

I don’t bring any discussion of these into professional situations – that’s not being dishonest to my intellectual ethics, it’s just being professional and appropriate for different situations. A bit like not wearing my favourite Star Wars t-shirt to a black tie dinner. Sure, it may give more depth & insight into my personality, but it’s not really the polite thing to do, is it?

But likewise, you wouldn’t avoid inviting me to a black tie dinner just because you knew I like to wear Star Wars t-shirts in my own time…

Enjoy the site!